Key Capital Corporation

Key Capital is focused on building a Mineral Bank of diverse commodities that will provide accretive streaming interests in diverse commodities. Through the provision of structured financing of mining and energy production projects, Key Capital retains life-of-mine interests in the production of mines containing gold, silver, or industrial metals, or in energy products.

In the natural resource industry, mining companies typically fund their commodities production facilities through various traditional institutional resource financing sources, and/or equity. Some operations have been funded, particularly in the past ten years, through alternative financing such as streaming, royalty or alternative structured funding.

While larger mine operators have funding options, small and mid-market mining companies have far fewer choices. Having identified this void, Key Capital seeks to work with these smaller opportunities through the acquisition of an interest in the mine or energy production of each project negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Key Capital then arranges the financing required to enable commencement or expansion of commercial production.

See "What is streaming?" to learn more.