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The Key Capital FinTech division has a specific focus on the blockchain/cryptocurrency market, which has been experiencing exponential growth and is positioned to continue to dramatically expand. Key Capital’s first market agreement will see Key Capital providing delivery of pre-purchased gold that will establish a gold reserve backing the AuX cryptocurrency.


Blockchain technology provides an ingenious way to securely store data and verify its integrity through a decentralized and distributed network. Blockchain inherently protects all transactions by adding each transaction to their immutable distributed blockchain ledgers, thereby assuring transparency, security, efficiency, and trust.

Within the next decade, blockchain technology applications are expected to become just as important as the Internet itself, and equally as valuable.

Cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have been experiencing significant growth and adoption over the past 12 months. Many new altcoins have been originated, further expanding the cryptocurrency market.

The concept of decentralized, digital, ‘private currencies’ is nothing less than revolutionary, as is evidenced by the rapid growth in blockchain technology and the associated digital cryptocurrency markets.

There is no doubt that ultimately most of the listed altcoins will fail as there is no tangible asset or viable commercial enterprise backing them. Key Capital seeks to identify and develop opportunities assured of value, success, viability, and longevity.