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The global Fintech market is rapidly expanding globally and currently experiencing exponential annual growth rates of over 70% as it capitalizes on the massive mobile markets. The many innovative and/or disruptive technologies being introducesd to the global community and business world will progressively and dramatically change all aspects of finance, banking, investment, payments, general commerce and communication.


Key Capital has acquired a 20% interest in GoldVault, a fintech start-up launching breakthrough gold purchase and savings accounts globally in early 2020. Key Capital also has an option to acquire an additional 10% interest in GoldVault at any time before 30 June 2021.

The GoldVault Accounts will offer savings incentives through discounts and rewards that provide the equivalent of 4.5% APY returns in gold – which is up to 50 times the average annual interest rate paid by traditional mainstream banks.

GoldVault Accounts are held in gold bullion instead of dollars, pounds, or euros, etc. in typical savings accounts. Additionally, as well as the incentives for GoldVault Account holders, if the gold price were at any time to escalate, account return values would dramatically increase.

GoldVault significant points of difference and its advantage over banks and competitors include:

  • The ‘currency’ is gold and, therefore, universal
  • Gold Savings Account incentives are equivalent to 4.5%APY
  • Global remittances and transfers anywhere will be free
  • Many industry experts expect gold to appreciate substantially over coming years