OTC Markets Pink Sheets – Symbol KCPC

A Development Stage Company

We are building a diversified investment banking group with our primary focus within three key market sectors:

  1. Mining & Energy: We are focused on building a Mineral Bank of diverse commodities that will provide accretive streaming interests in diverse commodities. Through the provision of structured financing of mining projects, Key Capital retains life-of-mine interests in the production of mines containing gold, silver, or industrial metals.
  2. Fintech: We are focused on project development and involvement in the rapidly expanding blockchain/cryptocurrency market.
  3. Life Sciences: We focused on opportunities to bring breakthrough products to market. Key Capital has agreement to license the use of a promising and unique range of immunotherapies commencing in Central America. The lead immunotherapy product has demonstrated breakthrough success in the treatment of liver cancer.

Our Current Situation:

  • We are led by experienced management and have assembled a world-class expert team of mining, technical and banking professionals.
  • To date, we have been predominantly funded by our major shareholder interests, friends and family.
  • We are currently in discussion with several potential institutional funding partners in relation to potential participation across our various interests.

What we do:

Life Sciences

We have secured the license (initially for Guatemala and Costa Rica) to advanced immunotherapy oral vaccines that are demonstrating success in the treatment of late stage and terminal liver cancer as reported in open access Journal of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. A study of immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer was also announced by our licensor in late May 2017.

The Market: As there is currently no known product available that offers a cure or any substantial treatment benefit for liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and other advanced or terminal cancers, we believe there is a significant market opportunity for the Hepko-V5 immunotherapy.

Mining & Energy

We seek projects that can produce cash flow within 6-18 months of funding and look to take a 50% project interest through the joint venture of each financed project. Key Capital does not fund high-risk exploration projects and focuses only on cash flow of production projects.

Our Market:

We believe there has never been a better time to invest in the production of mined commodities.

Key Capital is well-positioned in its current undertaking to capitalize on the forecast growth through its interest in financed projects.

Considering Key Capital will receieve a significant portion of profits for the life of each funded project (averaging 10-25 years plus), Key Capital shareholders will also directly benefit from the anticipated substantial increases in commodity prices.


In 2014 we entered into an agreement with GeoGlobal Resources, Inc., which at the time was facing bankruptcy. In August 2014 we were issued Convertible Preference Shares in GeoGlobal Resources which represented voting control of that company. Following an intensive approximate nine months of work by Key Capital executives, lawyers, and analysts, protracted negotiations and major initiatives to position GeoGlobal for a re-financing, the GeoGlobal Resources Chairman sought to terminate the Key Capital agreement and to ignore the rights of the Convertible Preference Shares, despite having approved all actions through Board Meetings and signed Agreements.

Recently, on December 24, 2016, India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) advised the market that it was purchasing 80% of the KG-OSN-2001/3 oil and gas field from Gurajat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) for approximately US$1.2 billion. GeoGlobal Resources owns a 10% carried interest (which ONGC is not acquiring) in this asset.

On January 3, 2017, Key Capital advised ONGC of its contingent interest. Subject to the outcome of legal actions that will be pursued during the current year, Key Capital’s interest in GeoGlobal Resources, Inc., together with potential damages, would represent substantial value for shareholders, as well as for GeoGlobal Resources, Inc. shareholders.


Key Capital invites Accredited Investors to contact the Company directly for further information, and also to note our Forward Looking Statement.