Project Funding

Information for Resource Companies Seeking Project Funding

We focus on the project financing needs of mid-market commodities production opportunities globally.

If your project is ‘mine-ready’, at advanced feasibility stage or has proven resources,
please email or call +1 480-745-2565.

Features of Key Capital funding:

  • Significant financing can be provided often in excess of market capitalization.
  • Project financing can be structured to provide for 5-6 year repayment schedules.
  • Key Capital retains an equity and/or streaming interest in production for the life of mine.

Financing Process

Following a favorable initial desktop project review, we negotiate the terms of our partnering and financing, and if agreeable, enter into a financing agreement conditional on technical due diligence.

Technical due diligence is an integral requirement for any partnered project funding, and incorporates all aspects of applicable geology, including: engineering, resource evaluation, and financial analysis and modelling.

As each project is unique in many aspects, Key Capital expert professionals conduct meetings with management and site visits to substantially identify and understand the opportunity as well as all aspects of any technical challenges.

Our in-house experts conduct all due diligence, and where needed or applicable, external experts are engaged.

As many operational risks are difficult to specifically identify and incorporate in financial modelling, we provide for real-time on-site monitoring of each financed project. In this major de-risking initiative, the Key Capital on-site professionals are able to identify issues before they become, problematic, costly, and/or debilitating.