Key Capital has acquired a 20% interest and 10% Option in GoldVault, which is scheduled to launch breakthrough gold saving accounts globally in early 2020. See:

Key Capital has been appointed to provide customer acquisition marketing services for GoldVault and has established specialist Social Media teams for the global GoldVault launch, and to pursue potential social media monetizing opportunities for other Fintech companies.

The global Fintech market is rapidly expanding and currently experiencing exponential growth rates as it capitalizes on applications throughout the massive mobile markets. The many innovative and/or disruptive technologies being introduced to the global community and business world will progressively and dramatically change all aspects of finance, banking, investment, payments, general commerce and communication; especially as continued development raises consumer expectations and improves transparency and efficiency.

As the usage of mobile devices and technology-based solutions continues to increase, so does the demand for financial and banking solutions that can be readily and securely accessed through personal mobile devices.

Many banks and other traditional financial services firms are now investing heavily in technology-based solutions, and/or partnering with the fintech companies that are delivering breakthrough and low-cost personalized products.

Key Capital will be launching the breakthrough gold accounts into this expanding vibrant market on behalf of GoldVault.

GoldVault significant points of difference and its advantage over banks and competitors include:

  • The ‘currency’ is gold and, therefore, universal
  • Gold Savings Account incentives are equivalent to 4.5%APY
  • Global remittances and transfers anywhere will be free
  • Many industry experts expect gold to appreciate substantially over coming years