Peter Boonen – Chairman, has supported or participated in many projects over 40 years. In 2012 and 2013 respectively he advised the Kosovo and Guatemalan Governments on restructure of their mining law applications. He has advised on numerous resource industry projects including a copper mine positioning (Bought by Barrack $6.3 billion); Co-founded an Aerospace Corporation technology commercialization arm; Funded UK’s 2nd largest ISP in the late 90s; and partnered with Electronic Data Systems (now HP).

Christopher Nichols – Director, has for over 20 years provided and/or worked on innovative ideas and solutions within a diverse range of industries, including mine financing, early involvement in digital film and television production, and healthcare, as well as in trusted computing and Internet security.

Matthew Talbot, BSc, BAcc, CPA – Chief Financial Officer, has extensive audit and financial reporting experience for both operating companies and investment firms. Previously he has held senior positions with PwC, American Capital and gategroup.

Greg Donelson – Vice President, has worked in investment banking for over 25 years for both private and public companies and previously served International Mergers & Acquisitions as Director of Energy-Resources-Renewables, member of the Advisory Board, and Special Projects Coordinator.

Social Media:  Key Capital has assembled experienced and expert teams for Social Media Marketing, CRM, Social Media Content Creation.

GoldVault: has an independent and world-class leadership and management team.

Resource Industry Consultants: Key Capital has many industry professionals available, across diverse areas of expertise. In mining specifically, where required, Key Capital will engage with some of the world’s leading and recognized expert engineers and consultants for mine implementation, management, and operations, including engineering, design, and management; environmental compliance; geochemistry; mineral resources; geophysics; mine geology & exploration; metallurgy; rock mechanics; geotechnical; hydrology; and civil, process, and geotechnical engineering, etc. These industry professionals will be appointed where needed on a project-by-project basis and provide any additional required technical and analytical expertise in all mining disciplines.